It’s Peach Season! Let’s make pies!

I have a problem. I don’t know if most people would call it a bad thing but, you know when you walk into a grocery store and the first area you walk though is the produce section? All those stacks and piles of fresh and beautiful and fragrant fruit. When I walk into the produce…

Fun and learning with Marshmallow Fondant

Have you ever seen those amazing cakes decorated with fondant and gum paste decorations? Cakes in the shape of castles and cats. Wedding cakes stacked to the ceiling, covered in handmade flowers. Unicorns and cars and suitcases, oh my! If you can imagine it, someone out there can make it! When I first started working…

3am Biscotti, take two!

I wrote about my early morning baking HERE. You can find my recipe at that link for Chai Spiced Biscotti, which is adapted from Johnny Iuzzini’s recipe. So, without further ado, here is the second Biscotti recipe from this morning – Cranberry Orange and White Chocolate. Enjoy! Cranberry Orange and White Chocolate Biscotti Makes about…

3 am Biscotti

An easy recipe, quick to whip up and so easy to change up the flavors!

A taste of Vermont

Quick to make, but oh so delicious. Using REAL maple syrup really makes the difference!

This is not goodbye!

I have loved sharing recipes on this blog and feel like I’ve just gotten started. Having my recipes in one place for me to pull up when I need them plus sharing them with others is my goal with and I definitely plan to continue! ┬áBut I am going to have to take a…

Apple Claws

Apple pie filling nestled inside flaky puff pastry. Hello, Sunday morning!!