Welcome to Global Bakes, my blog filled with recipes inspired by some of the best baked goodies I’ve tasted around the globe!  I love to travel and experience different cultures and, lets face it, we all live for food!  Flavors and traditional dishes represent cultures and conjure associations with places we’ve visited and lived.  A single bite from a buttery croissant takes me back to the Valentine’s trip to Paris with my then-boyfriend and now husband of 22 years, Jamie.  Fresh coconut and pineapple scents bring back my time living on Oahu in high school.  And a whiff of cardamom inspires a strong sense of wanderlust.  I’ve never been to the Middle East but would love to experience the rich culture and history there someday!  So grab a cup of coffee or tea or whatever suits your taste and explore the pages of Global Bakes.  I would love to hear your input in the comments or through my contact page!

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