Johnny’s Doughnuts

Every Saturday morning for years, my husband would go to the local doughnut shop and come home with a box that everyone would jump into for breakfast and then snack on throughout the day. We lived in a small town, right down the road from where we live now and EVERYONE went to the Doughnut…

A taste of Vermont

Quick to make, but oh so delicious. Using REAL maple syrup really makes the difference!

Apple Claws

Apple pie filling nestled inside flaky puff pastry. Hello, Sunday morning!!

Old Fashioned Banana Bread – My most requested recipe!!

One of the most baked recipes in my house is Banana Bread.  It also happens to be one of the most requested recipes as well. My oldest son has always been a very picky eater and I resorted to try to get fruits and vegetables into him in sneaky ways.  Things little cauliflower in the…

Irish Apple Cake with Jameson’s Whiskey Crème Anglaise

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day. Need I say more?? OK, I’ll say just a little bit more. I didn’t have much time this week to bake since Saint Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, I usually prepare a traditional Irish Dinner with a yummy traditional dessert. But I never know when I see…

Apple Pie Bread

My husbands favorite bread. He can put away a whole loaf in one day!

Adaptable Doughnuts

Let’s face it, doughnuts are just awesome.  But everyone has a favorite doughnut and I doubt if there is an entire household on God’s green earth where every person in the house loves the same doughnut!  So when I make doughnuts, I make several different flavors. Now, that may sound like I get up at…